Thursday, June 1, 2017

House Tour: Waterfront, Snow Hill, MD


     Bringing Bo and Kelli's vision to life we combined nautical elements to complement their waterfront views, with traditional pieces to parallel the craftsman style home. The underlying palette is a neutral beige and grey with pops of navy and red. Driftwood finishes, and natural fibers add layers of texture and depth to the space. The end result is a classically coastal functional and family friendly space that can be enjoyed all year long. 


Monday, October 3, 2016

Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper Trends 
Wallpaper is making a tremendous comeback as an integral part of home design. It's not the same wallpaper we remember when we were growing up.  Gone are the apples, oranges, vines, pastel florals and borders.  Today's wallpapers can set the theme for an entire room.  They can take a blank wall and make it a piece of art by incorporating bold patterns and unexpected textures.  Wallpaper is often the missing link that adds a layered look that pulls a room together.

Our customers love coastal style and our new wallpaper line suits this style by adding color, texture, dimension and fun to their homes.  Wallpaper allows for the customization of any space and reflects the personality and style of the people who live in the home.

Wallpaper is so versatile. Some of our favorite and unexpected ways to use it:
      • Behind a bed
      • As a kitchen backsplash as many are now washable
      • In a tray ceiling
      • Back wall of a bookcase
      • Fireplace wall
      • On an interior door
      • Stair risers
      • Framed and treated like a piece of art

Below are some of our favorite wallpaper patterns and colors. Coral always looks great with a crisp bright white.  It also pairs well with turquoise or gray. Coastal style can also be very subtle with muted colors of grey and white or varying neutral tones within a space.  These neutral spaces gain their flare from the addition of texture and pattern through wall coverings, area rugs, window treatments and accessories.

Today's wallpapers really are the new accessory in interior design!


Shades of Gray, Black and White

Shades of Blue

Neutral Shades

Shades of Turquoise

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

House Tour: West Fenwick Island, DE

Dave & Kay purchased their Bayside home as a coastal retreat for family and friends. As a second residence, the goal was to make a relaxed and welcoming space that incorporated a refined coastal feel while still being functional and livable. The overall palette is a neutral grey and beige with pops of color and layers of texture. Reclaimed wood and natural fibers accentuate the organic and natural feel of the space. The end result is a gorgeous home that blends clean sophisticated pieces with neutral colors and patterns.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Complimentary Interior Design Services

As part of the custom interior design experience, C&E Furniture offers full, turnkey design and decorating services. It’s all about working together to achieve the perfect space for clients and making the design process enjoyable for them. Our talented interior designers are here to assist with everything from furnishings and accessories to a full library of wall coverings. Our goal is for every client to be 100% happy with their custom design. From special orders of tiny accessories to outfitting an entire house, if clients are not completely happy with every detail, our designers will work diligently until everything is perfect. Contact us to find out more about our complimentary interior design services.

To get your project started, give us a call at (302)581-0132! Or send us an email at! We look forward to working with you and creating beautiful spaces!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

House Tour: Easton, MD

Designers Katie Winnington and Julie Sweeney
Dan and Christa purchased their 5,000 sq. ft. home in Easton last year with the intention of completely renovating the space to create their dream vacation getaway. As a second residence, the goal was to make the home a comfortable, welcoming space that embodied a more casual version of their primary residence. A continuous flow of visitors, kids and pets meant that the space needed to be user friendly while still being comfortable and stylish. The overall palette is quintessential navy and white, with punches of color to brighten each room. A mix of driftwood finishes and rustic pieces adds a depth of texture to the space. The end result is a classically coastal retreat for the family to enjoy season after season.